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Here at Lil' Peeps we are aiming to keep things simple!

Childhood is a journey, not a race.  We often start that journey in a different place, but getting to the end of the journey first isn't the aim... getting there smoothly, with confidence and lots of skills should be the aim!

We advocate for and encourage natural development,  however many factors have a powerful impact on this development including meaningful connections, rich play experiences, the environment and lots of movement. Our lives are so busy and demanding, that when we have the opportunity to be with our kids, we need to make the most of it. 

We have put together a package of resources which are meant to give you lots of ideas to build on your already immense knowledge bank as parents and educators. They are in categories of wellbeing, gross motor, fine motor and handwriting.  You will find handouts, games, link to websites and links to videos. Feel free to download it all, or book mark this page to keep coming back for tips and hints. Hopefully when you read through these resources you will nod your head, thinking "yeh - I do that"...  or say "that's easy, I  can do that"... and that is what we want to do, validate the great work you already do and inspire you to realise that you have the skills.


Take care, 

Berry Johnston

Simple Developmental writing and gross motor markers

This checklist will reassure you that you are already doing a great job!

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