Peggy Lego

The Peggy Lego program is a systematic way to teaching prewriting patterns, which form the basis of all letters of the alphabet. Peggy Lego breaks down letters into seven pencil movements and then supports students to learn correct letter formation with these patterns.

This program was designed and developed by Peggy Lego, a Western Australian teacher, in the 1980's and is still widely used across classrooms in WA.  Berry Johnston of Lil' Peeps OT for Kids has now been assigned the copyright for Peggy Lego and facilitates teacher and educator workshops around Australia on how to implement the program into classrooms.

The prewriting patterns

The Peggy Lego program includes a story for each of the patterns, a gross motor activity, a sensory  / tactile activity, a fine motor activity and then finally the writing activity.  The prewriting patterns include Tall man, Sideways Sideways, Starts with a Click, Jack and Jill, Under the Gate and Over the Gate.

Approach to teaching

Generally the Peggy Lego program includes a story for each pattern, a gross motor experience, a sensory  / tactile experience, along with a visual and verbal cue for the pattern. It is important that the child experiences these factors as they learn the pencil movements of the pre writing pattern. When children have the correct motor pattern in place, it will allow them to then correctly form the letters of the alphabet as they learn them in the early yeas of school.

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